Seal Coating and Striping

Asphalt sealing was invented by the Air Force to protect their runways.  The best product they could find was a coal tar emulsion.

This basic formula is still the industry standard today, but there has been a lot of improvement in the last 30+ years that I have been in this business.

The key to a quality sealcoat job is the asphalt preparation.  Getting the pavement ready is the biggest part of it and applying top quality products with skilled craftsmanship is the rest.  This is what we provide.

Most of our proposals will read as follows:

We edge the grass back.  We take an edger or a cutting edge and we take the grass back to the original pavement edge.

We prep any oil spots that we find.  Cars, machines, equipment, all leak sooner or later and what they leak is mostly petroleum products.  Sealer will not bond with this so it has to go.  We burn these areas with handheld propane torches.  This burns off the contaminants so the sealer will bond to it.  If an area is "oil soaked" it has to be removed and replaced.

We will broom and blow the lot clean.  We use our walk-behind and handheld blowers on every job.  We also have a handheld power broom and if necessary we have one that goes on the front of our skid steer machine.  If the lot has enough asphalt to sealcoat, we can client it, no matter how bad it looks.  It is not uncommon to take tons of debris off a parking lot.

We will seal the lot with one or two heavy coats of sealer and the sealer will have a sand load in the mix.  We use factory blended polymer-modified coal tar sealer.  I purchase this from a manufacturer in Tampa.  This particular sealer, when combined with one or two pounds of silica sand in the mix, is the best performing sealer that I have ever used.  We have used different kinds of sealer over the years, always open to improvements.  This sealer is a "high solids" coatings.  "High solids" means a longer lasting wear surface.  Until I find a better, longer lasting product, this will be the product that I use.

All of the striping that we do is with a 100% acrylic fast-drying traffic paint.  This is also a high solids product.  This paint weighs 15 pounds per gallon.  This is also the best traffic paint I have ever used.

All of Key Sealcoating's customers are welcome to confirm with my suppliers that we are using these products on your project.

Sealing and striping is the only way to get the most out of your asphalt investment.  Most all sealer is an emulsion.  That means it is diluted by water.  Do yourself a favor, check some recent locations.  We always have some current sites for you to look at.  You should be looking for things like:

  • no overspray on buildings, concrete, etc.
  • neatness of the edging where the sealer meets the concrete, the curbs, etc.
  • overall neatness of the striping, stenciling, logos, etc.

A good job will still look good a long time after it is completed.

It takes the right equipment to do these jobs in a professional manner. you are not going to get the same results from someone that has a tank in a pick-up truck and a couple of mops compared to Key Sealcoating's agitated spray tanks and years of experience.

Please give us a call when you are planning your next project.


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